New article at Philological Quarterly

Philological Quarterly 98.4 (2019) has graciously published my discussion of Prynne's commentaries. The essay is a bit cramped, but contains things about philology, commentary, and tries to tease out some theoretical convictions lurking behind Prynne's adaptation of that form. Here's an excerpt: Such commentaries represent a renovation of commentary as critical practice in English studies. … Continue reading New article at Philological Quarterly

Old Biz Orders

This book collects poetic work written between 2014 and 2018, including Story One, The Meritocrat, and The Last Shyness. It includes a new sequence, as well: the titular Old Business. From the editors: The poetry of Ryan Dobran begins in a congenial, observational mode and crystallizes swiftly into an engrossing lattice of voice and affect, a prismatic language that … Continue reading Old Biz Orders

Old Business Sees the Light

Golias Books will publish my first full-length collection of poetry in spring 2019. It collects three previously published (or in the case of Story One: pseudo-published) collections along with a new one called, Old Business, which has actual poem titles. Actual. Poem. Titles. Here's a provisional write-up from the generous editors, Lawrence Giffin and Chris Catanese: Ryan Dobran's Old … Continue reading Old Business Sees the Light

Erotoplasty 3 Lives

Colin Lee Marshall released the third issue of Erotoplasty out of Seoul. It's dreamy and I've got some new work inside it: Erotoplasty 3 is resounding! Listen as its spectral glissando encompasses notes from Gwen Muren, Calum Hazell, Andre Bagoo, Joe Luna, Lila Matsumoto, Pratyusha, Catherine Vidler, Zoë Skoulding, Peter Larkin, Amelia Dale, Luke Roberts, … Continue reading Erotoplasty 3 Lives