Old Biz Orders

This book collects poetic work written between 2014 and 2018, including Story One, The Meritocrat, and The Last Shyness. It includes a new sequence, as well: the titular Old Business. From the editors: The poetry of Ryan Dobran begins in a congenial, observational mode and crystallizes swiftly into an engrossing lattice of voice and affect, a prismatic language that … Continue reading Old Biz Orders

Old Business Sees the Light

Golias Books will publish my first full-length collection of poetry in spring 2019. It collects three previously published (or in the case of Story One: pseudo-published) collections along with a new one called, Old Business, which has actual poem titles. Actual. Poem. Titles. Here's a provisional write-up from the generous editors, Lawrence Giffin and Chris Catanese: Ryan Dobran's Old … Continue reading Old Business Sees the Light

Erotoplasty 3 Lives

Colin Lee Marshall released the third issue of Erotoplasty out of Seoul. It's dreamy and I've got some new work inside it: Erotoplasty 3 is resounding! Listen as its spectral glissando encompasses notes from Gwen Muren, Calum Hazell, Andre Bagoo, Joe Luna, Lila Matsumoto, Pratyusha, Catherine Vidler, Zoë Skoulding, Peter Larkin, Amelia Dale, Luke Roberts, … Continue reading Erotoplasty 3 Lives

Abstract for Essay on Prynne, Philology, and Commentary

"‘The review of struggle to fix the sense’: Speculations on Commentary and J.H. Prynne" Abstract: The commentaries of the Cambridge poet-scholar, J.H. Prynne, represent a renovation of commentary as critical practice in English studies. Neither their interdisciplinarity nor their density is unique; critics as different as Erich Auerbach, Giorgio Agamben, Helen Vendler, and Jacques Derrida … Continue reading Abstract for Essay on Prynne, Philology, and Commentary